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Each day, millions of consumers are bothered with upwords of 4,000 online, tv, and radio advertisements, with only about 287 of those even being slightly meaningful. Meanwhile, 83% of possible and current customers enjoy recieving promotioinal items, and 48% of people want to reieve promotional materials more often!  It's with this crucial information that leads to the unique positioning of promotional products. It's with that opportunity that Shoplma helps brands capture customers' attention - to expose, leave favorable impressions and inspire their purchasing decision. 

Why wait any longer? Start your new marketing strategy today, with us as your branding partner! We can help you every step of the way, from idea conception and target market, to promoting and evaluating the results.
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Perhaps your still on the fence! You can learn about our dedication to our clients through outstanding personal service, lowest price guarantees and the journey we've made to become America's trusted branding solutions specialists at our About Us.

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Promotional Items Work!

They are proven marketing effort multipliers no matter the strategy, brand, event, industry, or target market. If you've used promotional items in your marketing strategy before, you should be an advocate to their astonishing power. If your a newbie, then your really in for a treat! Brand recognition has never been so easy! With several studies by ASI, PPAI, and L.J. Market Research its undoubtly validated that promotional items offer a unique advantage in sucessfully reaching customers and prospects as compared to other advertising methods.

We can say our products add value or we can prove it:

         83% people LIKE recieving promotional products
         82.6% people can RECALL the company and brand ads on a custom product
         48% of people want to recieve promotional item more often
         56% of people keep their quality logo products for 1-5 years

Those aren't facts we made up, they are proven findings from in-depth research into advertising techniques and effectiveness. Out of all advertising methods (including tv, print, and radio), promotional products had the greatest amount of recall, with a whopping 15-50% higher than any other major media source. 

Custom Logo products give you acess to confirmed converters:

      •  High Recall, as well already discussed, customers and prospects will remember your company or brand years after recieving your item
      •  Positive Exposure, with as many people that like recieving promotional products and want to recieve them more often, you are sure to leave a favorable impression of your company with the promotional recipient
      •  Long-lasting Impressions, considering how long recipients keep your promotional product you'll be sure to leave a long term impact 

You have the facts and know their capabilites! Go ahead! Start your new marketing strategy today! You can relax knowing your in the right hands considering our array of high quality logo products, Lowest Price Guarantee and Shoplma Promise. Making every order afforable, easy, and secured. Shop all promotional items!